Dawid is great trainer and very nice person. He’s 100% professional, so you don’t have to wait long time before you see results. He have huge knowledge about training, diet and supplementation. If Dawid will be your personal trainer, you have a guarantee of great results in very positive atmosphere.

~Damian Knap, Dentist

David is a great trainer, who will guarantee a successful training session, not only in terms of performing the exercises, but also learning many important things regarding a healthy and active lifestyle. I am very satisfied with my progress and what is more, now I have a broader knowledge of fitness. I sincerely recommend David. With him, not only will you practice effectively but also in a very relaxed atmosphere!

~Kamil C.

I had the pleasure to meet David when I was looking for an English speaking trainer in Warsaw. I stayed too long without doing any exercises and David suggested me a workout which matched my expectations. I trained with David during many months and I saw a big change in my body shape and my strength. I would recommend David to anybody who is looking for a serious (always on time with new exercises to reach my objective) and nice trainer.

~Lucie S., Graphics Designer

Quoting the previous comments, it’s true that you will experience sore muscles.
With a clear conscience we can recommend cooperation with David.

~Kasia i Michał

Working with David is very pleasant but also tiring. He can make you work really hard! He is a person who really knows his field, he can motivate you to act. I had different trainers but we were always ending after two months of cooperation, and now? I’m just starting, the effects have been noticeable after a month when I put on my favorite jeans, and that’s probably the best recommendation. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him, you will not find anyone better. 🙂

~Marta Ryska, Cars & Air-conditioning

Excellent! The doctor asked me to lose 5kg of my weight and, here I am, after 4 months with 10kg less! During the workout, every single minute, that was supervised by my trainer, was intense and I felt its effects. Really professional PT. I do recommend him!

~Agnieszka K., FnA (bookkeeping & finance)

I met David a year ago and it turned out to be a good choice! Previously, I was cooperating for a year with another trainer but I did not see the results. This time I’ve meet a professional and real passionate! I must admit that at the beginning it was not light, but fortunately, David did not judge me by my level of fitness but by developing an appropriate training program. During training you feel that you deal with a professional with great knowledge! He is a person who will support and encourage you, but do not count on laziness because on this issue he is exceptionally unyielding. And that’s good. What is more, he has a sense of humor so before you know, you will achieve your goal, and with a smile on your face.

~Anna Dąbkowska, Manager/Public Sector

I strongly recommend working with David. He is a very experienced and professional trainer who will not only help you to get back in shape, lose weight or build muscle mass, but also teach you the right approach (both mental and physical) to the exercises you perform. Previously, I always had a problem with choosing the right machine and usually my workout started and ended on the treadmill. Now, it also starts and ends with the treadmill or bicycle, but in between I do a series of interesting exercises that David taught me. I do recommend him.

~Łukasz S., New Media

It is said that when you decide to work with a personal trainer (PT) – it means that there is no other way that you can make yourself practice regularly. What does it means? Your PT needs to know how to push you to the edge of your capacities, to reach the point you haven’t dreamed of, and force you to “mercilessly punish your muscles.” At the same time (paradoxically), from the very beginning, you will be waiting for the next “torture”, like a kid waiting for Christmas Eve. After three months of working with David, we can both agree that he has more than enough theoretical knowledge and practical skills to accomplish this plan. It is very important that, with all the intensity of the workout, he cares of making it not only effective, but also absolutely safe. In addition to training, he adds a lot of consultations that definitely makes the journey easier to achieve our goal – to get back in shape. The atmosphere of the training itself is also of great importance. However note: to pad your head is your mum, to be applauded use your friends on FB – so don’t hope to have any repetition forgotten. David as well respects his own professionalism and more importantly – time and commitment. In conclusion – with a 100% of conviction we recommend him.

~Anna & Szymon, Online research and E-commerce

David has helped me a lot with my problem with hyperinsulinemia. The diet recommended by him works very well, I’m losing weight and I feel better both physically and mentally. I’m a person who asks a lot of questions and David always patiently answers all of them, in spite of having a very busy schedule.

~Anna K., Professional athlete

David is a very practical person with a great deal of knowledge and with a completely different (“fresh”) attitude to diet and exercise issues than any available to “the Average Joe” in various sources. He does not rely his training plans on proven schemes that he just pushes to everyone, and at the same time he is a very positive and motivational person! :)) He patiently responded to all my texts with questions or doubts sent at different times, and sometimes a few in a row 😀 – it seems that he really wants to help people. And thanks to him, finally I gained some weight and I took a few steps towards my dream figure (and it took only 2 months of cooperation!). I can’t wait to see what will happen next! I recommend to everyone! There is nothing to think about – the commitment from David is a 100%. The only thing that you need is your commitment and then everything can be achieved. 🙂

~Kinga W., Student

I do appreciate David’s full professionalism: always on time, giving exhaustive and substantial answers to every single question, adjusting training to the needs, etc. I could boldly recommend working with David to everyone, because each workout was very well thought out and adapted to my needs. What’s more, it’s nice to talk to David during the training not only about the weight or the number of repetitions.

~Aleksandra G., Senior Manager

David is a perfectionist. When asked the questions, he cites the latest research, recommends specialist books, and at every step, he shows how much knowledge influences your health and training. Just look at the results – I gained 3kg of muscle mass and lost 3% of body fat in the first month. When I was practicing alone, I did not have motivation and had no effect – David not only took care of my effects, but also the atmosphere thanks to which I am happy to think of every coming training! For me it’s a premium service.

~Marcin C., Designer – CD Projekt RED

Tasty, healthy and professional. With a clear conscience I can recommend to David anyone who is looking for help in training and diet and above all in pursuit of the dream figure.

~Rafał Gałkowski, DJ

I started practicing with David to improve my physical condition and strengthen my back, which, because of a sedentary lifestyle, began to refuse to cooperate. At first, I did not expect spectacular effects, but I was wrong. Properly chosen by David exercises, along with balanced diet (of his authorship as well) can do wonders! And although I “hate” him at least several times during the workout for forcing me to work hard, the effects are worth it. The condition is growing steadily, the body is getting into the right shape, and the need to buy clothes in smaller sizes and the jealous looks of the girls are just icing on the cake. 🙂

~Gosia Przyborska, HR Manager / Transport

What I like in training with David is that with some strange method I can better identify the limits of my abilities than I do it myself. I always have the feeling that I am on the verge of endurance, yet I am OK. Besides, workouts with him are safe. We have been cooperating for a total of 2 years and I have never had the slightest injury – not counting sore muscles. 🙂

~Grzegorz Jezierski, Clinical Leader/Medical Devices and Diagnostics

David is first and foremost a high-class specialist. His offers are based on his own training experience. It gives comfort and sense of being in good hands. He is committed and caring. Workouts with him are not boring, and, in addition, you can talk to him and have a little laugh. This is also important because thanks to it, workouts are no longer a tiring burden . I absolutely recommend!

~Marta Hopfer, PR Manager/Media

With David I began to practice at my 12th week of pregnancy. It is a twin pregnancy, so it is more demanding. David chooses exercises appropriate to the week of pregnancy in which I am currently, I completely trust him. The best proof of his effectiveness is that, despite the start of the third trimester, my back does not hurt, and the diameter of the abdomen is observed mainly in the abdominal circumference. David has incredible knowledge, so workouts are diversified, by deepening my knowledge of nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

~Justyna M., Legal Counsel

Before I started to cooperate with David, I had been quite sceptical about the idea of personal training. However, watching how he works with others I decided to take the risk and I absolutely do not regret it! David has a great deal of knowledge concerning both training methods and dietetics, what makes his coaching fully comprehensive and professional. The workouts are varied and ideally suited to my abilities, which David judges much more accurately than me – now I’m exercising with a load that I would probably never decide to try. The diet at first seemed to be rigorous, but fortunately the body quickly accustoms to healthy habits. 🙂 And it’s all in a great atmosphere! The only “risk” is raising the bar of your expectations and goals of training constantly… and occasionally sore muscles 🙂 With a clear conscience I do recommend it! 🙂

~Katarzyna Karpiuk, Legal Counsel

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