In my long career as a trainer, I’ve noticed that the problems of most of my clients are strictly correlated with their state of health. As a result of poor eating habits and lack of physical activity, people start to put on weight and stop feeling comfortable in their own skin, so they come to me. Unfortunately, very often we don’t realize that appearance largely reflects our state of health. It is important to be aware that even if hormonal and metabolic disorders are not a cause of obesity, long-term obesity almost always results in many diseases and health problems (e.g. hyperinsulinism, leptin resistance, insulin resistance, hormonal disorders, etc.).

In connection with the fact that since I was 12 years old I’ve been suffering from incurable metabolic diseases and hormonal disorders, I know very well that achieving the desired “effects” by a person with a hormonal or metabolic disorder, in most cases, is extremely difficult or sometimes even impossible.

That’s why, long time ago I decided that the only way to help my clients effectively (including myself and my mother suffering from Hashimoto’s disease and many other autoimmune disorders) is to dive into endocrinology, biochemistry, clinical nutrition, neurology and the immune and digestive system. During that time, I’ve read a huge number of medical publications, books (mostly in English), textbooks and encyclopedias for doctors, and participated in numerous trainings, conferences and webinars.

All of that has been done to understand the mechanisms of action of our body, not only from a purely theoretical point of view, but also to be able to help people in practice, by diagnosing their health problems and disease units, and then finding the cause of their occurrence and effective treatment to improve their health condition.

Of course, I mean the right diet therapy, supplementation, life hygiene and choosing an appropriate type/intensity of physical activity for a given disease.

Why is it so hard to find a good doctor?

There’s a lot of reasons why it’s so hard to find a good doctor, starting with poor education (old textbooks, old-fashioned methods of diagnosis and treatment) and ending with a sick system that applies in medical facilities and the NFZ.

In the past, only private clinics could help you, but nowadays, even there, it’s hard to get professional help. Did you know that the doctor who refers some check-ups has top-down orders to prescribe the absolute minimum – so that the institution will bear the minimum costs? Absurd division of powers very often binds doctors’ hands, not allowing them (despite good intentions) to do much. A good example here is the fact that a general practitioner (a family doctor) working for example in Medicover cannot refer you the oral glucose test (even in case of people who are chronically ill with hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, etc.) – only a diabetes specialist can refer this basic examination. And as you know, it is much harder to get to a specialist doctor.

Another serious problem is the disregard of symptoms by doctors. I have heard many times : “it is normal that your head hurts” or “these days everyone is having sleeping problems”, etc. … Instead of finding the cause of the ailment, often the doctor ignores it or treat symptoms only.

In the situation when, after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, the only recommendation of the doctor was to prescribe thyroid hormones (in 90% of the cases Euthyrox – containing lactose, is chosen), or Metformin in the case of hyperinsulinemia/insulin resistance – it means that you came to a horse doctor and you should change him/her as soon as possible.

What these “specialists” do, is nothing but sweeping the dirt under the carpet. For all autoimmune and metabolic diseases, the key is to find out the underlying cause of the problem and then eliminate or mitigate it, by nourishing the body properly and eliminating pro-inflammatory factors (both food, environmental and psychological).

Example: Mrs. Basia doesn’t sleep well and she lacks energy during the whole day. So, she drinks a lot of coffee to wake up and eat a lot of carbohydrates to provide an injection of energy. Because of poor diet, she starts putting on weight and develops insulin resistance, which she discovers by herself, thanks to information found on the Internet and some tests done at her own expense. She goes to the endocrinologist Janusz to do something about it. Janusz prescribes Basia metformin and considers the case to be closed. Basia begins to take metformin, according to Janusz’s recommendation, unfortunately, within two years she does not manage to lose weight and she doesn’t feel completely well. After a few years, it turns out that Basia, for a long time, has been suffering from sleep apnea (nasal septum/sinus problems), due to which, her body doesn’t recover well during her sleep, therefore disturbing her metabolism. Basia undergoes operations of the nasal septum and she is forced to discontinue metformin because it interferes with medications administered during the procedure. One month after the procedure, all blood glucose problems are resolved, and the weight begins to fall. Janusz, due to his unprofessional attitude, has wasted two years of Basia’s life, also exposing her to serious metabolic and health problems, because taking metformin for a long time causes high deficiency of magnesium and vitamin B12, about which Janusz did not mention.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of such doctors and dietitians in our country. The big problem is the lack of holistic approach towards the patient. Physicians often concentrate on their narrow specialization, forgetting that our body is a huge collection of collaborating systems and organs, and that one’s dysfunction can greatly affect the work of others.

One of the key aspects is also the lack of diagnostic skills. During many years of work, I’ve consulted and collaborated with hundreds of people. The majority of them had a lot of experience with health services because they had been seeking help from many different doctors over the years. The number of stories I’ve heard, about the irresponsibility of some doctors, fills me with great anxiety and embarrassment. Unfortunately, these incompetent individuals cast a very unfavorable shadow on other doctors who approach their profession in a reliable and professional manner.

Diagnosis of thyroid/Hashimoto/Graves’ disease on the basis of TSH alone, glucose curve assignment without insulin measurement, being guided solely by exceeded norms, and total absence of interview while analyzing the test results (e.g. physical exercise affects the level of TSH, ALAT, ASPAT, etc. … the type of diet used so far will have an effect on insulin release after glucose load, etc. … the quantity and quality of sleep at night before the test has an effect on cortisol and glucose levels, which could be listed indefinitely). It is very common for a doctor to come up with a misdiagnosis because he/she hasn’t got familiar with the person’s lifestyle.

Basic factors influencing the health deterioration:

  • lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle – physical activity is essential for our body to stay healthy. It has a huge impact on our metabolism, cardiovascular system and a number of other things closely related to the proper functioning of the body.
  • chronic stress – in the natural environment, through the hundreds of thousands of years, stress was helping us to survive (mobilization to escape, race, search for food, etc.). In nature, stress was closely related to physical activity, unfortunately, today it is mainly psychological. Chronic stress is one of the main causes of a large number of health problems (hormonal, metabolic, psychological and nervous problems).
  • toxins – the current exposure of human to various toxins is enormous. From paint, carpets, cosmetics, household chemicals to food and air. Excess amounts of toxic substances that enter our body are pro-inflammatory, intensify immune reactions (allergies, intolerances and autoimmune diseases), overload our livers and impair metabolism.
  • blue light exposure – TVs, monitors, cell phones, tablets, etc. emit the so-called “blue light”, which is the equivalent of noon sunlight. It stimulates the brain and the adrenal glands to work. This is a kind of signal that it’s midday, and we should be active rather than rest. If, in the evening, we are excessively exposed to blue light, it can cause significant deterioration of sleep quality, related to hormonal and metabolic disorders.
  • alcohol, drugs, stimulants – the current lifestyle is forcing many of us to reach for stimulants (caffeine, guarana, energy drinks) or, on the contrary, things that allow us to “relax” (alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic drugs). This leads to the imbalance of neurotransmitters (or blockages of their receptors) in our brain and is associated with major health problems and malaise.

How does working with me look like?

  • 1


    I conduct a thorough interview with you and I analyze your test results.

  • 2


    I look for causes of your health and body problems.

  • 3


    I help you to regulate hormonal and metabolic problems. * If you need further diagnostics or medications, I will give you contact to a very good doctor and provide you with useful information that you may need during the visit.

  • 4


    I choose a proper nutrition style and supplements that fit your time and financial possibilities as well as your health problems.

  • 5


    I choose the right type and intensity of training, based on the interview and test results.

  • 6


    During our scheduled control consultations, I regularly monitor your progress, both on your silhouette and health, introducing changes if needed.

What can you expect from our cooperation?

loss of excessive body fat and reconstruction of your body composition
well-being improvement
improved libido and fertility
greater energy and motivation
improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails
better digestion and absorption of food
improvement of thought processes and cognitive functions
improvement of the quality of sleep
alleviation of inflammation
significant improvement of your immune system
remission or significant improvement in autoimmune diseases
acceleration of the metabolism
health improvement

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