An appropriately selected diet
is the key to health
and beautiful figure

In recent years, our society’s awareness of the importance of proper nutrition has increased significantly. Unfortunately, a vast majority of people, who have decided to change their eating habits, do so only for appearance.

Many people who want to lose weight drastically reduce the amount of calories consumed, eliminate fat from their diets, or force themselves to eat something that they don’t like at all. The long-term effectiveness of this diet is zero, and, in addition, it often results in dramatic slowdown of metabolism, hormonal problems (especially in women), and even some autoimmune disorders.

A good diet should provide your body with all necessary micro and macro ingredients. The amount of calories consumed should be adjusted to your level of physical activity. In turn, the amount and type of meals should be tailored to your lifestyle, time and financial possibilities. This approach will bring you long lasting effects, improve health and well-being.

Properly selected diet will help you to:


build muscle mass


burn fat


increase muscle strength


improve fitness and performance


improve your immune system


improve your well-being


significantly improve health


save time spent in the kitchen


slow down the ageing process

A healthy diet doesn’t mean tasteless meals, and spending half of your day to prepare them. Writing individual training plans, I always follow the assumption that it is supposed to be “tasty, healthy and practical”.

A diet with perfectly matched micro and macro ingredients (taking into account the optimization of digestion and absorption) will be useless if it doesn’t match your schedule or taste.

That’s why, I prepare diet plans that are based on a detailed interview, taking into account your culinary preferences, the amount of time needed to prepare and eat meals, the time and type of training (if any), and all while maintaining maximum efficiency.

„The most effective diet is the one that is not difficult to maintain, with meals that we enjoy, and fast results.”

– Dawid Woźniakowski

Because health is the most important…

In addition to typical diets designed to improve appearance, for many years I have also been dealing with diet therapy. By the way, I have devoted most of my career to this topic – reading dozens of books and medical publications and participating in many courses devoted to this subject.

As we know “we are what we eat” (although I personally think that we are what we “assimilate” because the intake of a given food is not equivalent to its absorption) – adequate nutrition is the key to cure or remission in most diseases.

What do diet plans prepared by me look like?

  • 1


    Based on an interview (or online form), I calculate the calorie requirement which will help you to meet your goal. Then, I select the optimum amounts of macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and distribute them to individual meals, the amount and volume of which I adjust to the plan of your day and lifestyle.

  • 2

    Discussion of mistakes

    In case of long-term cooperation, I prepare dietary macrocycle, and then I divide it into individual micro cycles – so as to maximize the benefits of the diet during the whole period of cooperation.

  • 3

    Preparation of a diet plan

    If this is the first diet that I am preparing for you, you will first find my extensive commentary on the mistakes that have occurred in your previous diet.

  • 4

    Organizing macro cycle

    All of the diet plans that I prepare are fully flexible, meaning that you have a choice of several options for each meal, including the exact weight of the products and the possible ways to prepare them.

  • 5

    Full flexibility of prepared meals

    In addition to your diet plan, you also get information on the role of individual macronutrients and how they affect your body.

  • 6

    Providing you with valuable knowledge

    Each plan includes some sample recipes that fit your diet.

  • 7

    Sample recipes

    At the very end of your diet plan you will find plenty of comments and nutrition advice.

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