Are you aware how much influence has a lifestyle on your health, mood and cognitive functions? What kind of food you eat, how many hours you sleep a day and how active you are – these simple decisions have a huge impact on the quality of your life.


Do you know, that people who are healthy are a lot more effective, creative, motivated and reliable?

“You are what you eat” – “You are what you eat.” – Remember, food is also fuel for your brain

– Dawid Woźniakowski

Have you ever wonder, what exactly means term “nutrition”? Most people equate it only with eating food, but actually it should be understood more like providing nutrition to the cells and then convert that into energy and co-factors for tons of chemical reactions that take place in our bodies.

Key to make any improvement in your health, mood, intellectual or physical work is to start paying attention to what kind of food you eat, timing of the meals and how much energy and nutrients are you getting.

Do you want people at your Company to be more productive, healthy, using all their potential, while having positive attitude and much more energy for work? Contact with me and together we can choose, what kind of training or lecture I can prepare for your Company to help your business grow and educate your employees about being fit and healthy.


Over the last few years I have been conducting many courses and workshops for the biggest and most famous companies in Poland. Besides, in my career I conducted many courses for personal trainers, as one of few lecturers in Poland with international accreditation of REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals). So what does it mean in practice? I have done hundreds of hours lectures for different audience.

Here are just few examples of companies that I’ve worked for:

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If you want to organize event for your company about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, physical activities, improvement in health, increases in efficiency at work etc. you came to the right person!

In my career, I have been conducting courses and workshops for a big audience (for example at the National Stadium), but also smaller groups of people – with individual work etc.

Do you want to promote healthy and active lifestyle at you company but have no clue how to do it? Don’t worry about it, I can help you to prepare whole plan of the event with every little detail. Just let me know, if you’re interested in:


Subjects that I can recommend for your Company:
“The Biggest Diet Myths”
“10 Rules of Healthy Eating”
“How in 5 Steps Improve Your Mood”
“7 Rules of Effective Fat Loss”
“Supplements – necessary or bad?”


Subjects that I can recommend for your Company:
“How to eliminate loin pain”
“Basic rules of stretching”
“How to breathe properly”
“How to get a fit body with just 15 minute training per day?”


This is a whole day course, which focuses on one chosen topic. For example “The fundamentals of nutrition and diet”, “Analysis of health status – how to read blood tests” or “Optimization of brain activities and cognitive functions” – after the course everyone will receive certificates with names and date.

I can also provide additional attractions including: taking body scan analysis, professional diet and training consultation, sport activities inside or outside etc.

I have been conducting courses and many kinds of fit events for the biggest companies in Poland. Trust my experience and knowledge – together we can organize a great event, improve health and promote “fit awareness” within your employees. Improve efficiency and get better atmosphere in your Company.


  • The Biggest nutrition myths – cholesterol, salt, eating late at night, breakfast…
  • Good diet, bad diet… – how to create healthy diet for a whole family.
  • JHow to train effective at home – 1 hour weekly for great body and well-being.
  • Carbohydrates – best friends or silent killers.
  • How to create lunch box – eating at work and business trips.
  • Supplements – pure evil or magical cure.
  • Optimization of brain work – how to improve your memory and cognitive functions.


Every event is different and exceptional, that’s why there is no fixed price-list.Price depends on:

  • Length of the event
  • Type of cooperation (courses, workshop, additional attractions)
  • Location of the event
  • Length of cooperation (single event/cycle of events etc.)
  • uUsing additional accessories (exercise mats, trx, body analysis scale etc.).

I am co-operating with team of highly qualified specialists, together can create
comprehensive, engaging, educational “fit day” with both – fun and knowledge for your employees.

Do you have any questions? Send me a message!