My story

My name is Dawid Woźniakowski, I am 28 years old. For several years I’ve been helping people in their fight with obesity, improving their health and achieving better figure. I’ve decided to follow this path because I used to be a very obese person, struggling with severe health problems and deep depression. Thanks to a hard, long-lasting work, I’ve managed to turn my life by 180 degrees, as well as, to improve my health significantly – despite numerous operations that I went through, severe hormonal disorders and incurable metabolic disease.

I’m writing deeply from my heart, revealing many of my weaknesses and problems, because I hope this article will convince you to take the fight to realize your dreams – no matter what they are.

Each of us has the right to be happy, however, very often we give up all too easily on the road to this happiness. If you want to see how much depends on you, read my story …

Long, long time ago…

From a very early age I was a very slim and tall boy. In my family I had a nickname “Dawidek the poor eater”, because it was very difficult to get me to eat. I was allergic, very often I caught infections – doctors were prescribing me plenty of antibiotics. My body’s resistance was getting weaker, so I had to spend a lot of time at home.

Around the age of 13 something changed my life forever. I started to gain weight rapidly. Without making any changes to my current eating habits, I gained almost 20 kg in a very short period of time. As a small child I was already very sensitive and shy and when suddenly from the slim boy I turned into a walking noodle (something that I absolutely did not accept) I totally locked myself in. Since I was often ill and I suffered from a headache frequently, I wasn’t attending to school too often, however, I regularly visited doctors who could not come up with anything else besides antibiotics. As a result of spending the majority of my time at home, I became increasingly isolated from people, running away from problems by the use of the virtual world. I totally did not accept my appearance and no one could help me.

I was growing up in a time when there was no universal access to the Internet, tablets, smartphones, etc. and most of the time children were spending actively in the backyard. Before I put on weight, I was one of those frisky kids, unfortunately, after gaining weight, I was spending most of my time in front of the computer. I was able to play computer games for 12-16 hours a day. I was leading such a lifestyle for many months, with just a few short breaks. Since I have always been a perfectionist and I have engaged in everything I do for a 100%, I was very successful practically in every game I played (I have become the Polish Champion a few times, in several games I was one of the best players in Europe).


Unfortunately, sweeping problems under the carpet and pretending that they are not there, make them only bigger and it was like that in my case. Because of inactivity I gained even more weight, and my self-esteem reached the level of absolute zero. I was ashamed to leave home, talk to people – both face to face and on the phone. Every activity in the real world – not related to computer games – was terrifying me.

In such state of mind, even going outside to do shopping caused panic. During this period I completely shut myself in – I did not talk to anyone about my problems. Constant absences at school and depression, in which I was up to the eyes, influenced very negatively my relationships with my peers. I come from a broken family, I grew up without a father, I do not have a sibling (I actually have a half brother, but he lives in the US and we hardly keep in contact with each other), and from the rest of the family I moved away shortly after I gained weight. My mother loved me very much, but she wasn’t really aware of my condition. Of course, she saw that something was going on with me, but she thought I was suffering mainly from headaches. I was hiding my complexes and even my obesity – I constantly was wearing a loose vest, which, to some extent, helped me to hide a bit, and because my mother worked a lot, it was not so difficult. While it is true that my mom was taking me to different doctors but it was just a waste of time and extra stress for both of us.

Actually for most of my life the only friend of mine was a cat. If I have to be honest, I cannot describe the emotional bond that connected me with this animal. I felt lonely and on my own.

month and I was regularly suffering from very strong, sometimes severe, headaches.

Most physicians simply said that I simulate, not to go to school and play computer games. This was also the case with the famous professor of laryngology – the head of one of the Warsaw hospitals, who at the very beginning said that he did not believe in my “magical” asymptomatic headaches, but because I was very persistent – he directed me to computer tomography of my head and sinuses.

When I came back to him with the results, he grabbed his head and apologized to me. It turned out that I had partial hypoxia due to the extensive blockage of all the sinuses that caused extremely severe pain. He directed me urgently to his laryngological ward (which was then renovated) and a few days later I was lying on the operating table. As a result of the renovation works in the laryngology department, only patients in critical condition were admitted and placed in the oncology ward. In rooms for 2-3 people, 5-6 beds were pushed. Patients were even placed in the corridors. In this way, at the age of 13, I spent a lot of time in the company of patients with various types of cancer, a large part of them were in an agonizing state. (Thanks to this experience I have never touched a cigarette and so far I do not allow people to smoke in my company)

„The most effective diet is the one that is not difficult to maintain, with meals that we enjoy, and fast results.”

– Dawid Woźniakowski

It would seem that everything should end well – good diagnosis (finally), surgery and problem removal … unfortunately with sinuses it is not so easy. Each operation can contribute to adhesions, etc., which significantly limit the flow of tubules getting into the sinuses. What’s more, the reduced capacity not only influences the amount of oxygen that goes into the body, but also greatly facilitates the development of bacteria and fungi, so that the problem with sinuses can come back infinite number of times and there is no method to effectively eliminate it. It was like that, unfortunately, in my case and due to that I was operated a few more times – on average every one and a half year.

Unfortunately, all these operations and diseases drastically made my fight against obesity and return to normal life more difficult. At the age of 14 I started to have suicidal thoughts regularly, and probably the only reason why I never decided to make a concrete step in this direction was my cat.

However, because of some reason, I decided to fight for my life. I asked my mom to buy me a stationary bike and then half of the room was rearranged into a gym. I was still very much ashamed of my appearance, intensive sweating and what others would think about me.


That’s how my 4 years fight started, the aim of which was to get rid of fat and return to “normality” both physically and mentally. During these four years I went to various dieticians (e.g. the Nutrition and Food Center in Warsaw), I went over dozens of articles and books related to nutrition and slimming, and despite this, there were no effects.

I tested various diets, from vegetarianism, through balanced diet, to two-days fasting. At the age of 17, in less than 4 months, I have traveled over 6,000 km on a stationary bike and despite being on a constant calorie deficit, my weight for these few years did not change. It is worth mentioning that my appearance was significantly different from the appearance of the average “fatman” (I quote this word on purpose, because that was how I was often called in school). The fatty tissue has been deposited very unequally, e.g. on the chest and lower back (this is typical for estrogen-related hormonal disorders). My chest was my biggest complex – because I had typical female breasts, with the level of fat completely different from the rest of the body.

For 4 years of training, dieting and educating myself how to lose weight – I did not lose even a gram of my weight. As fate would have it, shortly before reaching eighteen years of age, I got sick once again (what a nice change). I went to the clinic as usual, but unfortunately my doctor was on vacation and she was replaced by a young intern doctor. When I entered the office and saw a young girl (in front of whom I had to undress to the waist) I didn’t know if I should cry out of terror or run away from shame. Fortunately, I was too cowardly to do any of them, and as part of the excuse (why I look as I look ), I told her about my struggle with obesity. It was a breakthrough moment in my life, because as the first person she listened to me patiently and without hesitation she recommended a huge number of hormonal tests.

Finally, after 6 years of suffering, I’ve discovered that I suffer from advanced hyperprolactinemia and hyperinsulinemia (about which my former doctor forgot to mention) which, in turn, over the last few years have led to many other hormonal disorders and changes in my body. One of these changes was gynecomastia (the excessive growth of the male mammary glands), causing formation of “female breasts”. Another side effect was the absolute inhibition of my lipolysis (fat tissue breakdown). In other words, if I were in the desert without any food, I would die out of hunger as a fat person because my body would not able to use fat as an energy source.

And in this way suddenly everything became clear …

I lost 28kg … in a month

In order to regulate the level of hormones and, above all, decrease the level of prolactin, the doctor prescribed me several medications, including Bromergon (bromocriptine) at the lowest dose possible. After 4 years of regular training, diet and using dietary supplements (including fat burners), my metabolism worked so fast, that as soon as I got rid of the “hormonal blockage” which made fat burning impossible for all those years, I lost 28 kilograms in a month.

The level of fatty tissue decreased, but unfortunately the breasts still remained (as I’ve mentioned, there was the excessive growth of the male mammary glands, and unfortunately they couldn’t be “burned” during a workout). Therefore, at the age of 18, I decided to do plastic surgery and remove the overgrowth of the mammary glands, which were giving me sleepless nights. I took such a decision despite that the endocrinologist strongly dissuaded me from doing it – claiming it was just a visual defect and I should accept it. The operation was a good choice. Finally after so many years, I began to perceive myself as a full value human being, not “somebody of the lower category.” Because I drastically lost weight in a short time, I had problems with skin tension. The doctor suggested that building muscle mass and “filling” the loose skin with the muscles should solve the problem.

There was only one small but …

„To change your body, first work on your mind.”

– Dawid Woźniakowski

I was still very shy and self-conscious. I was ashamed to go to the gym but the weight and equipment that I had at home were not sufficient any more. I was afraid of how people would look at me, I was ashamed to sweat publicly and I didn’t want to look like an idiot, in case I did some exercise improperly. (As if every guy was able to perform the exercises correctly …) That was when I decided to work on my self-confidence, and the first step I took was to read the book “Love yourself” by Wayne W. Dyer (which my mother recommended to me). Although probably it’s not the best book of this type, it allowed me to look at myself and my problems from a completely different perspective. I began to gradually implement advice included in the book and get a healthy distance to myself.


Working on your mind and changing your consciousness is, in my opinion, much heavier than working on your silhouette. Fortunately, I have always been very disciplined and consistent, so gradually I managed to overcome my fear, depression and low self-esteem.

The most important thing is to do what you love

Since I spent all my earlier life playing computer games – I decided to study computer science. I chose this field of study mainly because of good computer skills and common sense, as there was a huge demand for IT professionals/ programmers at that time, and this profession was associated with good earnings.

During the first year of my studies, something changed inside of me as it has been mentioned in the previous chapter. I realized that I wanted to help people in the fight for a better life and to be happy. Throughout my studies, I developed my training and expanded my knowledge of dietetics, trying my best to improve my silhouette and to get the desired skin tension.

In the meantime, I became also interested in spiritual development, I meditated and even went to India several times.

From year to year my silhouette became better and better, but I reached the level that I could not improve regardless of diet and training methods used.

Again something was wrong…

Hyperinsulinemia and Insulin resistance

While telling the story of my hormonal problems, I mentioned the hyperinsulinemia that was discovered during the lab tests when I was 18. Unfortunately, in case of the glucose test (which is used to test reaction of the body to the glucose) it doesn’t include any references. In other words, we get a paper with the results and there is no annotation whether they are good or not. Because the endocrinologist who reviewed the results didn’t mention any other problems besides hyperprolactinemia, I thought that everything else was normal. I was very wrong.

Because bodybuilding progress was definitely below my expectations, I began to read a lot of books and publications on nutrition, health, endocrinology and, to put it in a very simplified way, the functioning of our body. Over 2 years ago, when my knowledge on health was big enough to come to some conclusions, I decided to do some hormonal tests. One of these tests was a four-point glucose-insulin curve, which clearly showed that I was suffering from hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. After receiving these results, I took out my previous test results from the drawer, which showed exactly the same. Unfortunately, the stupidity of the physician caused me to spend more or less over six years working on my silhouette, using the diets that would normally change a healthy man into a Greek God, and which gave me practically no benefits.

Due to the disgrace caused by the stupidity and lack of medical knowledge of the doctors, I began to read passionately various types of books and medical publications, listen to medical podcasts, and video lectures on diabetology and endocrinology. By properly balanced diet and workouts, I was able to get rid of insulin resistance, control hyperinsulinemia (it’s an incurable disease, so it’s impossible to get rid of it – you can only control it) and achieve a silhouette that the majority of healthy people can only dream of. Using a ketogenic diet and killing workouts, I was able to reduce body fat to 6%. Moreover, since I discovered my glycemic disorders and introduced a perfectly adjusted diet I completely stopped getting sick. For over 2 years I did not even have a cold, while during my whole previous life I was catching non-stop all sorts of infections.

Since the introduction of the ketogenic diet, my tests results have drastically improved (previously I have had problems with cholesterol, triglycerides, electrolytes, and so on, nowadays, I have absolutely perfect results in every possible aspect) and what is more important, I’m in perfect mood, having plenty of energy for the whole day – something I could only dream about.

I have succeeded, you will succeed too!

This is how from full of complexes, shy, sick, fat boy who was in deep depression – I became a self-confident, happy and full of life man, working 10 to 12 hours a day with people whom I help to achieve their dream silhouettes and improve their health, by choosing the right form of training and the optimal diets.

In addition, I’m giving lectures on healthy lifestyle for the biggest companies in Poland (e.g. T-Mobile, Samsung, Polsat, Sandoz Medical Group, Nestle, etc.), I’m the author of many articles and video materials published e.g. in CKM, or Benefit TV, which shows the interviews with me in over 4000 gyms all over Poland. The fact that I can reach a large number of people and perhaps have a positive impact on their lives gives me great satisfaction.


If you are not satisfied with your life, you have two options – either you will accept it or you will change it. Remember – happiness is the state of mind! Change the way you perceive yourself and the surrounding environment into a positive one, setting at the same time your goals to be achieved.

Believe me that in order to change completely one’s life, only one step is enough – to create a strong, determined thought and to follow it consistently. I hope that my fight with obesity, health problems and strong depression will inspire you to fight for a better life. I managed to realize my dreams and sincerely I believe that you can succeed too!

If you like my story share it with your friends – maybe there is someone like me (a few years ago) and this text will help him or her to take the first step towards a better life.

Best regards,
Trainer Dawid.

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