Personal trainings

If you want optimal results without the risk of injury or health problems – then you are in the right place. I am a professional with many years of experience, I have helped hundreds of people during my career as a personal trainer..

I never use ready-made schemes and I approach each person individually. The type and intensity of a workout will be adjusted to your needs and abilities. I am very demanding, because I respect our time and I do care about your results.

Apart from a hard workout and the knowledge that you will gain, you can also expect having a good time with me.

„…if the gym was your second home, you wouldn’t need a personal trainer…”

– Dawid Woźniakowski

I’m aware that if the gym was your second home, you wouldn’t need a personal trainer. I realize that you would prefer to spend time with a child or a loved one, than to work hard at the gym with me – that is why, I try to limit the amount of hours you spend at the gym to a minimum, without losing, at the same time, the effectiveness of training.

If you have any questions, please contact me. In the meantime, I invite you to go through my offer.

Name Time Price
Personal training 60 minutes 299 zł
Personal training with stretching 90 minutes 399 zł
Personal training with intervals (advanced) 90 minutes 399 zł
Training at home 60 minutes 499 zł
Training at home with stretching 90 minutes 599 zł
Training outdoors 60 minutes 499 zł
Training outdoors with stretching 90 minutes 599 zł
Personal training for 2 people 60 minutes 499 zł
Personal training for 2 people with stretching 90 minutes 599 zł
  • Duration of a workout

    The duration of the training sessions is tentative and depends on the individual needs.

  • Training 2 people

    In case of training two people at the same time, their goals, levels and the overall fitness should be similar.

  • Preparation

    Before each workout, make sure you have high-mineralized mineral water (600mg / l. and more), a towel, sportswear and sports footwear.

Get the body you always wanted and regain your health!

If you are interested in holistic care and saving a lot of money on a monthly basis then I encourage you to familiarize yourself with my long-term cooperation offer.

For more information please visit: Long-term cooperation.

Do you have any questions? Send me a message.

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