Long-term cooperation

I know perfectly well that working on your silhouette and improving health is a process that takes time. Whether or not you achieve your goal depends largely on the strategy in terms of the whole period of work on the body and health and the degree of its implementation.

Therefore, as one of the first trainers in Poland I have developed a long-term cooperation offer, which allows me to know a particular body type better and select appropriate micro and macro diet and training cycles for the whole period of cooperation.

Long-term cooperation pays off!


Referring to what I’ve written above, I have prepared an attractive solution for you to reduce the cost of collaboration by more than 40% over the use of single workouts or consultations.

Long-term cooperation maximizes effects and minimizes costs. The longer period of cooperation, the better I know your body, and the rates for each workout or consultation are much lower than for individual meetings.

People who decide for long-term cooperation are perceived as a priority in the matter of time management (arranging the dates for control consultation and workouts).