Online consultation

You have many different options to choose from if you are interested in online consultation with me. I can prepare for you a diet plan, training plan, supplement plan and analyze your health from the  blood tests.

There is a “ALL IN ONE” package which include all the things mentioned above.

You have three options to choose from – there is a single consultation, 3 consultation package or 5 conultations package. Below you’ll find a pricelist and more informations about my each of them.

In case you didnt knew – I specialize in difficult cases. If you suffer from metabolic, hormonal or autoimmune disorders like – Hashimoto disease, Insulin Resistance, Hyperinsulinemia, PCOS etc. – I can help you.

Lower Price

By picking long term co-operation you can save your money while getting a premium care!

Full help

In long term co-operation I'll prepare micro and macro cycles for a diet and training which have huge impact on speeding up your progress.

Guarantee of

By picking long term co-operation you will be on my top priorities list and I'll always find a time for you.


5 consultations



3 consultations





Diet consultation

Diet consultation includes preparing a diet plan and supplements plan tailored for your needs and goals. Time between each consultation should be no longer then 4 to 6 weeks.

Name 1 meeting 3 meetings 5 meetings
Diet consultation packages 349 zł / meeting 299 zł / meeting 279 zł / meeting
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All the prices above are the net prices. TAX (VAT) will be added before the payment.

Training consultation packages

Training consultation includes preparing a training plan perfectly matched to your goal, fitness level and health.

Name 1 consultation 3 consultations 5 consultations
Training consultation packages 199 zł / consultation 179 zł / consultations 149 zł / consultations
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All the prices above are the net prices. TAX (VAT) will be added before the payment.

“ALL IN ONE” Consultation packages

“ALL IN ONE” consultation includes full holistic help with achieving your health and fitness goals. After the consultation I’ll prepare a diet plan, training plan, supplementation plan with full analysis of your health. I’ll help you to get your metabolism and hormones on the right levels based on your blood tests.

Name 1 consultation 3 consultations 5 consultations
“ALL IN ONE” consultation packages 499 zł / consultation 449 zł / consultation 399 zł / consultation
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All the prices above are the net prices. TAX (VAT) will be added before the payment.

Terms of cooperation



Before you decide for long-term cooperation, make sure that you are familiar with the basic terms:

1) Payment:

Prior to the commencement of cooperation, you shall pay the amount due for the first and last month of cooperation. Installments for the remaining consultations shall be paid before the scheduled date of the next control consultations.

2) Rescheduling consultations:

Long-term cooperation offer has been created in such a way that you will not lose your consultations.

In case of longer illness, holidays and other life factors that prevent us from conducting control consultation between 4 and 6 week from the last consultation – duration of the cooperation is just slightly prolonged.

Total lack of contact for more than 8 weeks is treated as the termination of cooperation.

3) Termination of our cooperation:

In case of termination of the cooperation during its term, the fee for the last month will not be refunded.

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